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Block traffic when Viscosity is connecting to the VPN?

My internet connection is somewhat unstable, which means that every now and then my connection to my VPN will drop and Viscosity will have to reconnect. While it's connecting any outgoing traffic is not tunneled. I'd much rather have all outgoing traffic be blocked / fail to connect while the VPN is reconnecting to ensure that all of my traffic is tunneled. Is there any way to accomplish that with Viscosity?
Hi bribri,

Please refer to the following article for more information: ... fic-leaks/

If you’re concerned about traffic leaks during the connection process I’d recommend considering adding outbound firewall rules to block unencrypted traffic on your normal network interface (i.e. anything not to your VPN server’s IP and port). You can do this to macOS’s inbuilt firewall (using pf rules), or by using a third-party tool like LuLu or Little Snitch.

Thanks! That tells me what I need to know.
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