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Windows 10 System Hanging in 1.7.4

1. VPN disconnects while working (about 24 hours after I initially connect, probably a server setting.)
2. Disconnection doesn't register in the system tray icon, but DNS lookups fail for systems behind the VPN.
3. System Tray icon doesn't respond to clicks.
4. I use "End Task" to terminate the "Viscosity" process (not the service).

Doing that used to work fine and I could restart Viscosity, but as of 1.7.4 it makes my system stop responding to all keyboard/mouse input.
Hi mootinator,

Next time before you proceed to terminate anything, could you please check the CPU and Memory usage of Viscosity. Could you also check Event Viewer for any events around the time of the hang.

If you have any AV or Firewall software, please also check this for high CPU or Memory usage.

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